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Why Orlando Will Seem Brand New After Your LASIK Recovery


If you’ve ever thought about what life could be like without glasses or contact lenses, it’s beyond life-changing. Refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism mean you must rely on glasses or contact lenses.

Relying on visual aids to see is fine, but there’s a better way. Imagine what it would be like to do away with traditional visual aids. Wouldn’t it be incredible to have total visual freedom? It’s this and so much more that LASIK can give you.

Most people with refractive errors can benefit from LASIK. The key is to find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

For those that live in Orlando, it suddenly becomes a lot easier to view the city differently after LASIK. Even beyond Orlando, you’ll find that the world around you seems improved.

Clearer vision has a way of changing everything around you for the better! Keep reading to learn about a few of the many things you can look forward to in Orlando after having LASIK!

Plan a Sunset Dinner on Paddlefish’s Rooftop Deck

There’s no shortage of fantastic restaurants in Orlando, but Paddlefish is truly special. Enjoy a seafood dinner on the deck of this restaurant modeled to look like a steamboat.

You’re sure to enjoy a great meal and a fantastic view too. When you can see better, food tastes better. There’s some truth behind the adage of eating with your eyes first. Once you’ve had LASIK, every meal will automatically be taken to the next level.

After having LASIK, you’ll find everything feels different, from normal daily activities to going out to dinner. Because LASIK is permanent, that new feeling won’t fade away.

LASIK works because it permanently reshapes your cornea to correct refractive errors. In other words, that means you can look forward to many decades of drastically improved vision.

Get used to seeing your best and experiencing the world around you in crystal-clear clarity. It’s not going anywhere!

Take a Staycation to the Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, for a Weekend

What’s more luxurious than staying at the Ritz Carlton? One of the best ways to enjoy yourself is in the form of a staycation. By taking a staycation at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, you can take a vacation at home while relaxing and unwinding.

There’s no reason to feel guilty about treating yourself, either! LASIK is a smart investment that makes sense and saves you money.

Not only is LASIK a life-changing procedure that can give you years and years of visual freedom, but it also can save you money in the long run. Although a significant one-time expense is associated with having LASIK, it’s nothing compared to what you pay for visual aids over a lifetime.

What could be better than being freed from the constraints of needing to buy glasses and contact lenses every year? These aids and their respective accessories can cost you about $500 annually.

Once you pay off LASIK (which can be even easier thanks to our LASIK financing options), you can save money every year after having the procedure. What’s not to love about enjoying the height of luxury with crystal clear vision and all the Ritz’s amenities?

You can rest easy knowing you’ve made a wise investment financially. Having incredible vision for the rest of your life is also a nice perk!

Get Your Nature and Hiking Fix at Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

Nature lovers can’t miss out on the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve. Orlando has no better place to go for a nice, long hike.

Not only will you be able to see the scenery much better, but you also won’t have to worry about your glasses getting all smudged up or losing a contact lens somewhere on the trail. With LASIK, you can focus on doing what you love in any environment. Whether hiking or simply flipping through channels at home, you’ll be able to see clearly.

Explore the Orlando Museum of Art After Hours First Thursdays

Going to the art museum can be fun, but do you know what’s even better? When you can go after dark to enjoy drinks and live music while looking at art and having excellent eyesight, that won’t quit!

Just check out the OMA on the first Thursday of the month, starting in October. LASIK recovery is quick, meaning that if you have the procedure before summer is over, you’ll have plenty of time to heal.

Once you have LASIK, you can look forward to vision that’s better than what you could achieve with glasses or contact lenses. You can also enjoy improved depth and color perception.

You’ll have the best vision of anyone at the whole museum, allowing you to appreciate every piece of art and understand every detail in front of you. It can’t hurt that you’ll be able to see well in all lighting situations, which is perfect for these after-dark events!

Indulge Your Wild Side with an Alligator Airboat Tour

It’s easier to be more adventurous when you’re no longer concerned about what to do with your glasses or contact lenses. If you’ve never had a close encounter with an alligator, an Alligator Airboat Tour might be the perfect opportunity to embrace adventure after LASIK surgery.

After all, you can’t call yourself a Floridian if you’ve never seen a gator up close. After having LASIK, you won’t have trouble spotting or admiring them from afar!

Cool Down at the ICEBAR

ICEBAR Orlando is an upscale bar made from, you guessed it, ice. If it sounds too cold, you’ll get thermal coats and gloves when you arrive.

The toasty Fire Lounge bar is also right next door to warm up. Get cold without worrying about frost on your glasses or having them fog up when you go from the cold bar to the hot one.

If an ice bar sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster with contact lenses, you can say goodbye to that thought. You don’t have to wonder if they’ll get too dry from the cold air or if you’ve worn them too long.

With LASIK, you can achieve visual freedom without visual aids holding you back. Have a late night with your friends and some fantastic cocktails amongst incredible ice sculptures.

The cold might not be for everyone, but chances are in your favor that you’ll be a good LASIK candidate. Only 10-15% of potential candidates don’t qualify for the procedure. Most patients also end up with 20/20 vision or better. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder the patient satisfaction rate for LASIK is so high.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your commitment-free LASIK consultation today at Herschel LASIK and Cataract Institute in Orlando, FL, and take your first step towards visual freedom!

Those who know choose Herschel LASIK and Cataract Institute

Beautiful office. Amazing and caring staff. Getting my surgery done Saturday and the Doctor and the staff helped choose the right option for me and I didn't feel pushed to commit. One of the only few who commits the patient to a dry eye treatment as per my research. Post-surgery I hope to keep my 5 star rating because I have nothing bad to say!

Yogi Nayyar (Google), February 2020

I recently did my LASIK procedure about 1 week ago and was completely blown away from beginning to end with the SERVICE received from the entire staff at Herschel LASIK. The office is beautifully decorated and the staff was always professional, personable, knowledgeable and friendly. I particularly enjoyed the way that everything was explained clearly before, during and after my procedure and questions were always encouraged and answered. My experience was the best encounter to date with a physician. Excellent doctor + excellent support staff +excellent service = excellent experience and a happy customer. Thank you so much Dr. Herschel, Doris and Francesca.

Vernicia Sturrup (Google), September 2019

Great service, sometimes a bit of a wait, but I take a full lobby as a sign of a well recommended doctor. Staff is friendly & quick to answerphones & squeeze me in when I got an eye problem. Would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to get LASIK. Doctor even personally called to check on me the night after my procedure.

Stephanie G. (Yelp), January 2020

I got my LASIK procedure done here. I was apprehensive, mostly because anything to do with my eyes kind of freaked me out.
I went under a free consultation. The nurses/assistants were very nice and they answered any questions I had. Then I met Dr. Herschel and he was very nice and understanding. He explained all that would happen, how everything works, how long recovery will be, everything.
So, I agreed and start the process. I love the fact you always meet with Dr. Herschel at every appointment.
I now have 20/20 vision.
I'd highly recommend going to him for all of your vision needs.

Kelsea K. (Yelp), November 2019

Great surgeon and great staff. Do your research, Dr. Herschel is more than just a LASIK surgeon. He is certified and specializes in all areas of eye surgery so have peace of mind that you are getting one of the best. They use current technology and machines. More so, if your eyes aren’t ready for surgery he has no problem delaying 1-2 weeks until they are 100% good-to-go. He will not risk your health for the sake of money.

Dave T. (Yelp)
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