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8 Ways the Outdoors are Better When You Get LASIK


Do you love the great outdoors? What you may not love is experiencing them when you have to deal with the burdens of wearing glasses and contact lenses. 

The good news is you can say goodbye to your visual aids by choosing LASIK. After LASIK, you can experience the great outdoors with stunning clarity and new visual freedom you’ve only dreamed of! Keep reading to find out 8 ways the outdoors are better after having LASIK!

1. No More Glasses Slipping Down Your Face

Glasses are great at letting you see the world in crisp clarity. But what many people don’t love about them is how constrained they feel by them, especially while hiking, biking, or engaging in other outdoor activities. 

If you’re tired of your glasses slipping down your face or pushing them back up your nose every five minutes, there’s a better way. Sure, you could consider contact lenses, but those come with inconveniences as well. 

Your eyes may get too dry, forcing you to stop what you’re doing and turn around early. Who wants that? When you get LASIK, say so long to glasses and their inconveniences. 

Most patients end up with 20/20 vision or better. You can also look forward to better vision than you had with your visual aids. LASIK improves your vision, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the outdoors without frames to stop you. 

2. Say Goodbye to Frames Getting in the Way

If you love the outdoors, you know that it often feels like the frames of your glasses obstruct your ability to see. Even if you have thinner frames that are lightweight or almost invisible, they still get in the way. 

Whether looking at breathtaking landscapes or spotting wildlife, your frames are often a frustrating part of the experience. After LASIK, you can enjoy a wide, unobstructed field of vision. 

Having this will allow you to appreciate every tiny detail of the wonders of nature.

3. Have Clearer Vision to See the Things You Love

One of the things LASIK patients love the most about getting LASIK is how much better their vision is after correcting it. If you have LASIK, you can look forward to experiencing sharper, crisper eyesight and like looking at everything in high-definition. Who wouldn’t love that? 

Experience the outdoors in vivid detail as your vision becomes crisp and clear. From admiring distant mountains to reading trail signs and not needing to squint, LASIK enhances your ability to connect with nature on a deeper level. You’ll feel more in control because your vision will be how you always wanted it.

4. Save Money for Big Outdoor Trips When You No Longer Rely on Visual Aids

Investing in LASIK may initially seem like a significant expense, but it can save you money in the long run. Did you know that, on average, you’re spending $500 yearly on glasses, contact lenses, and their accompanying accessories? 

With LASIK, you’ll eliminate these ongoing expenses. Instead, you can allocate those savings towards more adventurous outdoor trips or new gear for your expeditions. Why spend your hard-earned money on visual aids when you can invest in your vision with LASIK?

5. Say So Long to Eye Infections Due to Contact Lenses While Camping

Outdoor enthusiasts who wear contact lenses have an increased risk of eye infections. Your risk of these may also increase if you partake in camping trips where you need proper access to hygiene facilities to keep your hands clean. 

But after LASIK, you no longer have to worry about your risk of eye infections from contact lenses. You won’t need contact lenses and other visual aids to see clearly. 

Knowing this makes your future camping trips far more enjoyable! When you’re out and about, the last thing you want to think about is if you packed enough contact lens solution. 

Instead, enjoy your crystal-clear vision from the moment you wake up until you sleep. 

6. Bring Less Stuff with You on Trips

If you want to be outdoors and have a good time, one of the keys is to travel light. It’s hard to do that if spare glasses and extra contact lenses bog you down. 

But when you have LASIK, you can eliminate the need to carry extras of all your visual aids when you travel. Enjoy the freedom of packing light and every minute of your outdoor adventures.

7. Embrace Water Sports and Swimming with Confidence

Being outdoors in the summer means you’ll spend a good amount of time in the water. But if you wear glasses or contact lenses, this can become a struggle. 

Whether you’re worried about where you’ll put your glasses when you jump in a lake after hiking, or you’re concerned about your contacts getting irritated, your sight may hinder you instead of help you when you’re splashing around during your outdoor adventures. After LASIK (and a short recovery period of about a month), you can confidently dive into the water, knowing that your vision will remain clear and unobstructed. 

You’ll never have to think about losing or damaging your glasses or contact lenses while enjoying the refreshing waters of lakes, rivers, or the ocean.

8. Experience Sunrises and Sunsets in All Their Glory

Witnessing the beauty of a sunrise or sunset is a magical experience, especially when you’re outside. LASIK allows you to savor these breathtaking moments. 

You’ll be able to stop thinking about your frames pushing on the side of your head or wondering if it’s time to take out your contacts. Instead, when you’re unobstructed by visual aids, you can immerse yourself in the radiant colors of the sky as the sun rises or sets, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Having LASIK will make the great outdoors even more enjoyable. Embrace the world around you with your newfound visual freedom. 

Say goodbye to glasses slipping down your face and frames obstructing your view when you see something beautiful. Experience the outdoors in clear, crisp clarity while saving money when you free yourself from visual aids.

LASIK also ensures that you can fully engage in camping and other activities without worrying about eye infections from contact lenses. Why not make the most of your outdoor experiences and consider LASIK to enhance your adventures like never before?

Find out more about LASIK and if you could be a good candidate by requesting your consultation at Herschel LASIK and Cataract Institute in Orlando, FL, today!

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Beautiful office. Amazing and caring staff. Getting my surgery done Saturday and the Doctor and the staff helped choose the right option for me and I didn't feel pushed to commit. One of the only few who commits the patient to a dry eye treatment as per my research. Post-surgery I hope to keep my 5 star rating because I have nothing bad to say!

Yogi Nayyar (Google), February 2020

I recently did my LASIK procedure about 1 week ago and was completely blown away from beginning to end with the SERVICE received from the entire staff at Herschel LASIK. The office is beautifully decorated and the staff was always professional, personable, knowledgeable and friendly. I particularly enjoyed the way that everything was explained clearly before, during and after my procedure and questions were always encouraged and answered. My experience was the best encounter to date with a physician. Excellent doctor + excellent support staff +excellent service = excellent experience and a happy customer. Thank you so much Dr. Herschel, Doris and Francesca.

Vernicia Sturrup (Google), September 2019

Great service, sometimes a bit of a wait, but I take a full lobby as a sign of a well recommended doctor. Staff is friendly & quick to answerphones & squeeze me in when I got an eye problem. Would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to get LASIK. Doctor even personally called to check on me the night after my procedure.

Stephanie G. (Yelp), January 2020

I got my LASIK procedure done here. I was apprehensive, mostly because anything to do with my eyes kind of freaked me out.
I went under a free consultation. The nurses/assistants were very nice and they answered any questions I had. Then I met Dr. Herschel and he was very nice and understanding. He explained all that would happen, how everything works, how long recovery will be, everything.
So, I agreed and start the process. I love the fact you always meet with Dr. Herschel at every appointment.
I now have 20/20 vision.
I'd highly recommend going to him for all of your vision needs.

Kelsea K. (Yelp), November 2019

Great surgeon and great staff. Do your research, Dr. Herschel is more than just a LASIK surgeon. He is certified and specializes in all areas of eye surgery so have peace of mind that you are getting one of the best. They use current technology and machines. More so, if your eyes aren’t ready for surgery he has no problem delaying 1-2 weeks until they are 100% good-to-go. He will not risk your health for the sake of money.

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