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7 Reasons You’ll Love the EVO Visian ICL for Life


If you’re between the ages of 21 and 45 and aren’t a good candidate for LASIK, the EVO Visian ICL could be the answer to better vision without depending on glasses or contact lenses. Keep reading to find out 7 reasons why you’ll love the EVO Visian ICL for life!

1. It’s Reversible

One of the most incredible things about the EVO Visian ICL is its reversible procedure. Unlike LASIK, which permanently alters the shape of your cornea, you can have the EVO Visian ICL removed at any time if you choose. 

The EVO Visian ICL is the only reversible vision correction and does not permanently alter the shape of the cornea or remove any tissue from the eye. Although most patients choose to leave the EVO Visian ICL in their eye permanently, taking it out is always an option. This reversibility gives patients peace of mind and the ability to make changes if needed.

If your eyesight changes, or if you decide you no longer want the EVO Visian ICL, you can have it removed. Your eyesight will revert to how it was before the procedure with virtually no changes.

2. It Doesn’t Lead to Dry Eye

One of the most common side effects of having LASIK is experiencing dry eyes. However, when you choose the EVO Visian ICL, this is one thing you won’t have to worry about. 

The EVO Visian ICL does not sever nerves in the cornea, which is part of what contributes to the frustrating dry eye symptoms associated with LASIK. The implantable collamer lens (ICL) is an additive lens that does not remove tissue or alter the shape of the cornea to improve your vision. 

The EVO ICL won’t affect the surface of your eye, making you less likely to experience dry eye after the procedure. Inserting the lens in the eye avoids disrupting the natural tear film, which can cause dryness. 

3. The EVO Visian ICL is Virtually Invisible

Some people’s biggest concerns about a vision correction procedure are the visible scarring or marks left behind. With the EVO Visian ICL, however, there’s no need to worry. 

You’ll have the EVO Visian ICL inserted inside your eye, making it virtually invisible to others. You can enjoy clear vision without anyone knowing you’ve had the procedure done.

The EVO Visian ICL is virtually invisible to others because it’s made of a biocompatible material designed to mimic the eye’s natural lens. It’s also placed behind the iris, which helps to conceal it from view.

For people self-conscious about wearing glasses or visible contact lenses, the EVO Visian ICL can be a great option. It allows them to correct their vision without anyone knowing they’re wearing anything at all.

4. It Provides Visual Freedom

Imagine seeing the world around you without the need for glasses or contacts. With the EVO Visian ICL, this dream can become a reality. 

The EVo Visian ICL corrects astigmatism and nearsightedness without visual aids. You can enjoy the freedom of not having to rely on glasses or contacts for everyday tasks.

This sense of visual freedom especially appeals to people who have active lifestyles or work in environments where glasses or contact lenses may be impractical or unsafe. It can also be an excellent option to avoid dealing with the daily hassles of glasses or contact lenses.

5. The EVO Visian ICL is Great for Nearsightedness and Astigmatism

The EVO Visian ICL could be the perfect solution if you’re nearsighted or have astigmatism. Nearsightedness occurs when the eye is too long or the cornea is too curved. When this happens, distant objects appear blurry. 

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is shaped irregularly, causing blurry or distorted vision at all distances. The EVO Visian ICL can correct both refractive errors by altering how light enters the eye. 

The EVO Visian ICL is designed to correct the shape of the cornea and focus light more accurately on the retina, which can improve vision for people with nearsightedness or astigmatism.

With the EVO Visian ICL, you can enjoy clear vision without worrying about how you’ll use visual aids to improve your eyesight.

6. The EVO Visian ICL Has a Quick Recovery

The EVO Visian ICL has a quick recovery time. Most people can resume their normal activities within a few days of the procedure. 

You can enjoy clear vision without taking a lot of time off work or disrupting your daily routine. A quick recovery time makes the EVO Visian ICL appealing to many who want to improve their vision without taking time off from work or other activities. 

It’s also beneficial for people with busy schedules who can’t afford to take time away from their daily responsibilities.

7. It Gives You the Crisp, Clear Vision You Want

The most important thing about any vision correction procedure is the results. With the EVO Visian ICL, you can enjoy the crisp, clear vision you’ve been dreaming of. 

The EVO ICL corrects vision in a way similar to glasses or contact lenses but without the potential drawbacks of those options. Patients can enjoy the benefits of clear vision without worrying about foggy lenses or feeling limited by what kinds of activities they can participate in. 

Additionally, because the EVO Visian ICL is implanted inside the eye, it can provide visual acuity that may be difficult to achieve with glasses or contact lenses. This can be especially important for people who need to see fine details or work in professions where clear vision is critical, such as pilots or surgeons.

Are you ready to find out if the EVO Visian ICL could be your path to crisper, clearer vision? Schedule your appointment at Herschel LASIK and Cataract Institute in Orlando, FL, today! If better vision and eyesight could be yours, why not take a chance on the future?

Those who know choose Herschel LASIK and Cataract Institute

Beautiful office. Amazing and caring staff. Getting my surgery done Saturday and the Doctor and the staff helped choose the right option for me and I didn't feel pushed to commit. One of the only few who commits the patient to a dry eye treatment as per my research. Post-surgery I hope to keep my 5 star rating because I have nothing bad to say!

Yogi Nayyar (Google), February 2020

I recently did my LASIK procedure about 1 week ago and was completely blown away from beginning to end with the SERVICE received from the entire staff at Herschel LASIK. The office is beautifully decorated and the staff was always professional, personable, knowledgeable and friendly. I particularly enjoyed the way that everything was explained clearly before, during and after my procedure and questions were always encouraged and answered. My experience was the best encounter to date with a physician. Excellent doctor + excellent support staff +excellent service = excellent experience and a happy customer. Thank you so much Dr. Herschel, Doris and Francesca.

Vernicia Sturrup (Google), September 2019

Great service, sometimes a bit of a wait, but I take a full lobby as a sign of a well recommended doctor. Staff is friendly & quick to answerphones & squeeze me in when I got an eye problem. Would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to get LASIK. Doctor even personally called to check on me the night after my procedure.

Stephanie G. (Yelp), January 2020

I got my LASIK procedure done here. I was apprehensive, mostly because anything to do with my eyes kind of freaked me out.
I went under a free consultation. The nurses/assistants were very nice and they answered any questions I had. Then I met Dr. Herschel and he was very nice and understanding. He explained all that would happen, how everything works, how long recovery will be, everything.
So, I agreed and start the process. I love the fact you always meet with Dr. Herschel at every appointment.
I now have 20/20 vision.
I'd highly recommend going to him for all of your vision needs.

Kelsea K. (Yelp), November 2019

Great surgeon and great staff. Do your research, Dr. Herschel is more than just a LASIK surgeon. He is certified and specializes in all areas of eye surgery so have peace of mind that you are getting one of the best. They use current technology and machines. More so, if your eyes aren’t ready for surgery he has no problem delaying 1-2 weeks until they are 100% good-to-go. He will not risk your health for the sake of money.

Dave T. (Yelp)
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